Are Nut Butters good for Weight Loss

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Nut Butters for Weight Loss

Are Nut Butters good for Weight Loss

The struggle to find for the perfect weight loss snack that’s both healthy and delicious will end today. Nowadays, shopping for a nut butter is similar to buying a facial cream. With almost unlimited options, you’ll never know if you’re getting the perfect one or if it’s bring you the benefits the jar claims.

With an array of nut butters these days ranging from almond to different peanut butters, maneuvering the aisle of nut butters can be overwhelming. The best nut butters are those that are made with the simplest ingredient: the nut itself. Nut butters that are beneficial for your health usually comes with only a little salt, no or minimal added sugars and do not use hydrogenated oils. These are the best for weight loss.

Our nut butters are made from 100% natural ingredients, using nuts, natural sweeteners such as unprocessed raw honey and contain no hydrogenated oils. Be confident to add our healthy range of nut butters to your diet without the fear on bingeing on those unhealthy fats.

How does it help me lose weight or achieve weight loss?
People who consume nuts regularly typically do not gain weight. This is due to the nutrients and healthy fat in nuts make you feel fuller longer. Nuts in various forms such as nut butters, seem to satisfy appetites without causing weight gain, unlike high carbs, low fat snacks such as bagels and pretzels, makes hungry really quickly. Therefore, people looking to lose weight while eating daily controlled portions of nuts would naturally adapt to a lower calorie intake as a result of feeling full from nuts.


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